Who may join this club? How to join?

Membership is open to anyone (18 and over) with an interest in improving their communication and leadership skills, and we invite you to come along and take part in a meeting as a guest. 

Many of our members start out very uncomfortable in front of an audience. But with a supportive environment, friendly coaching and excellent role models, most people quickly grow into capable, competent and persuasive speakers. Many of our members speak in their professional lives, and bring back tremendous experience to share with the group.

Our club is comprised of members from all over the world. Some of us speak English as a second or even third language. 

Application forms are found on our website, in our Visitor’s Packet, or can be provided from any club member.  Complete the application and submit it at any of our weekly club meetings or contact us for other options.  You will immediately receive your first speech project (The Ice Breaker) and other club information.  You will receive a member’s package from Toastmasters International within two to three weeks that contains your speech and leadership manuals, education materials, and your first Toastmaster magazine. 

A veteran Toastmaster will be assigned to help you understand your development map and to mentor you through your first few speech projects.  Most people give their first speech project, The Ice Breaker, within the first month.  Volunteer for one of the easier meeting roles when you feel ready, such as the Word of The Day or ‘Ah-Counter’, and increase your participation as you gain confidence.  Also, consider joining the club’s Executive Committee!