VP Public Relations

Helen Alvarado, CC
(Volunteer Developer and Webmaster of this site)

I joined Tip Top in May 2010.  English is my second language.  At first,  I didn't know anything about Toastmasters.  I only wanted to find a place to improve my English speaking.  Soon after I was surprised by the very well designed educational system, like the program manuals and meeting roles.

Before I joined Tip Top, I had been hunting for a better job.  But, I was nervous on job interviews and I failed many of them.   After I joined Tip Top only a few months, I had another job interview.  This time, I spoke better and with more confidence.  I got the offer! 

Toastmasters is not only about speaking, confidence building and leadership, for me, it is about life style change!  To prepare the speeches,  I started reading many books in many different categories: political, economy, health... which I didn't do for a long period of time because of having been occupied by computer books.  All of a sudden,  I feel a window is open in front of me and light is coming into my room.  I see more, "the good, bad and the ugly". Not only speaking, I am also gaining the ability on finding the truth in life. 

I am so happy to see I am getting so much better on my prepared speeches.  At the same time, I also see more challenges ahead of me: the table topics, the evaluations, and more. 

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