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Tip Top Open House - Sunday April 10th, 2011

posted Apr 2, 2011, 8:13 PM by Tip Top   [ updated Apr 3, 2011, 8:43 PM ]
Tip Top club will be hosting an “Open House”.  The door will be wide open to general public and everyone is welcome to the party!

At the open house, we will have a fun meeting which includes the following three sessions:

         – The Prepared Speeches:  We will have two speakers.  Each speaker will give a 6 to 10 minutes speech.

         – Table Topics:  Our meeting theme will be “Spring”.  The Table Topic Master will present three or four questions related to the theme.  For each question, we will do a “For or Against” format debate, so two speakers will be involved and each speaker has 1 to 2 minutes to defend.  We will invite guest to participate unless the guest doesn’t feel comfortable with it. A sample question is “Should professionals, such as, Bankers, Doctors, etc. wear athletic shoes to work?”  One speaker will argue for and the other speaker will argue against.

        – Evaluations:  In this session, each evaluator will give a 2 to 3 minutes presentation on the previous prepared speech. 

Our meeting location will be temporarily moved to Central Market.  For more information, please see below Open House flyer.