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Why Participate? - Experiencing Area 14 Contest

posted Apr 2, 2011, 7:52 PM by Tip Top   [ updated Apr 3, 2011, 1:34 PM ]
             by Helen Alvarado, CC, VPPR

Simple things need to be reminded.  “Participation is important” is one of them.  When Area 14 Governor Lori Nigh asked who would like to compete in the International Speech Contest, I raised my hand immediately – not because I was very interested in the contest, but to finish my last project in the CC manual!  One stone, two birds, why not?

If a contestant ever told you he didn’t care about winning or losing, most likely he lied!  After winning the club’s contest, somehow I started getting serious about the contest and I really wished I could win!  I tried very hard to prepare for the Area 14 Contest - every word was examined, every sentence was tuned and every move was considered.    On March 10th the contest day, there were three contestants for International Speech Contest and I was the third one to speak. After watching two competitors beautifully deliver their speeches, I sighed to myself “okay, the game is over!  They are much better speakers!” But in the end, surprisingly, I took 2nd place. 

I didn’t win as I wished, but I gained so much more than I expected!  From speech writing to English pronunciation, from facial expression to vocal variety and to body language!  Now I can understand deeper when I hear people say “win or lose is not so important” again, and there a voice whispers to me “Participate!”