All Roads Lead to Capitalism - by Rick Newton

posted Apr 7, 2011, 8:11 AM by Tip Top   [ updated Apr 7, 2011, 8:15 AM ]

All Roads Lead to Capitalism

 There is a proverb, “All Roads Lead To Rome”, which you can define this proverb to mean, “All High Culture Leads To Rome”, or, “What Matters Lead To Rome”. Now it’s a well known fact that Romans were excellent road builders, also, Romans had indoor plumbing, indoor plumbing. Now it’s beyond my understanding how people went from indoor plumbing to no plumbing and this zero plumbing went on for nearly 2000 years. I have seen no plumbing, and all I can say is thank you to the person that brought back indoor plumbing. 


Now I want to share another proverb, “All Roads Lead to Capitalism”. Which you can define this proverb to mean, “Capitalism has created the highest standard of living for a large portion of today’s population. First, I know the word capitalism has been stigmatized, for some; capitalism brings up thoughts of GREED OR THE END IS JUSTIFIED BY THE MEANS. Therefore, when I say the capitalism, picture yourself winning the lotto. And yes you are right; in a capitalist economy you will find “THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY”.


Folks, this candy bar manufactured by Hershey’s is “Capitalism”. And by historians account this capitalism concept started in a small area of Europe 400 years ago called the Netherlands or we know it today as Holland. It started with a company named the East Dutch India company.

Now you may be thinking, Rick nice history lesson, But what does this have to do with me? I’m not in business, I’m not a merchant. Capitalism has everything to do with you, me and everyone else. Here is a secret that should not be a secret, everyone is a merchant. Let me back up 99.9% of us are merchants. There are no lone wolves in a capitalistic society. The reality is our money is connected. When you buy this candy bar you cause money to move. Which means when you buy this candy bar you have hired 13,000 Hershey’s employees. And it does not stop with the 13,000 employees; you’ve also hired employees of other companies that do business with Hershey’s. You can say this hiring of so many employees is viral.

Yes - we - all - are - merchants - because - we - move - money.  Now you may argue I’m a Librarian, I do not sell products, I do not touch money. I have a debit card. And I have not touch money in years. Okay, fair argument, the reason why the Librarian is a merchant because the Librarian is selling his or her time for income. Therefore, you have caused money to move.  

Here are some more examples of why everyone is a merchant: Now the question that most people are asking themselves nowadays is how can I get more money or income to move in my direction? Here are some examples, you may get more money/income to move in our direction by getting a pay raise, or investing in the right 401k, or by getting a better paying employment, this is exactly how a merchant thinks.

Now here are just some noted observations by historians and economists of how a Capitalist economy has shaped our world today:

This one you will like, in a capitalist economy people are nicer. Imagine 13,000 different personalities at Hershey’s. All those different people, you know that means different generations, different cultures, different religions, different whatever. And they all know that they must be nice to each other or at least fake being nice, its being nice or a pink slip.

            Dissolving of Tribal Culture: This is one is involved, but, the more advanced a commercial economy, leads to less “Tribal Culture”.  Other words there will be less “Birds of the Same Feather Flocking Together”. It is happening right now before us. Example Europe. Talk about Eastern Europe vs. Western Europe.

            Less Deference and Paternalism: People display this all the time.  Definition knowing ones place vs. one that protects the less fortunate. These two terms were extremely evident in the past with the Nobles and peasants.  Example of Deference: Twitter, why not have celebrities to follow your twits. It’s a psychological ploy and Paternalism, providing for someone that has less than you, I will not call any names.  This is another psychological ploy.

In conclusion, and using a 5000 piece puzzle as an analogy to capitalism and this puzzle has answers to help you understand our environment in this case capitalistic environment. What I have discussed is only a small corner maybe 100 pieces of this 5000 piece puzzle. There is so much to learn about our capitalistic system and once you do discover how the system works you will agree that

“All Roads Lead to Capitalism”.

Madam Toastmaster