Caustic Ingredients in Cosmetics and Beauty Products - By Carla Sanzone

posted Aug 22, 2011, 10:22 PM by Tip Top   [ updated Aug 22, 2011, 10:35 PM ]
Caustic Ingredients in Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Speech at Tip Top Meeting, August 2011

I use beauty products daily.  I take it for granted that when I get in the shower, I am using the correct hair shampoo and hair conditioner, etc. I began to study the ingredients on these products and then discontinued them as they were drying to my body and hair. These products were promoted by my Dermatologist Physician Assistant and I threw them out after one and one half years. The following ingredients are in common cosmetics and beauty products and should be avoided.

They are:  Sodium lauryl sulfate, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, mineral oil, isoprophy alcohol, glycol, fragrances, and some others. These ingredients are drying to the skin which is the largest organ of the human body!  We keep using these products that contain these ingredients and we will have very dry skin, hair, scalps, nails and hair.  I suggest using products that have none of these ingredients. I investigated some website and came up with the following.

Goat milk soap bars for the skin - only contain goat milk soap and no caustic ingredients. Shampoos and conditioners that have natural, earth friendly or vegan ingredients- no Sodium Lauryl sulftate. Recommended is ABBA products one can purchase online or from Ulta stores.  Clothes detergent is Dreft liquid or Ivory Snow liquid only. These are recommended by pediatricians reason being is that a baby's skin is very soft and their clothes should be very soft as also the products you put on them like certain baby soaps, baby shampoos and baby clothing detergent only. Adults as they age should use products that are intended for babies because adults skin gets drier and drier as time goes on.
In conclusion, you the consumer and customer should always check out what products you are buying and check out the ingredients as they can dry your skin, face, hair, teeth, nails out. 
BEWARE CONSUMER. Don't always agree and use what your dermatologist or some other doctor may be telling you to use. You may question the merits of the product whether it be a food product, drug product or cosmetic product. The FDA - Food and Drug Administration, a federal government ageny probably has approved these products and their ingredients through testing, etc. I say to question any drug, food or health care product you purchase as it
may be HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH!!!!  Some of the ingredients in these products also are in household cleaning products!! Drano for example has some of these chemicals in them. Drano is a caustic drain cleaning product for your sink drain!!  So in conclusion, read the ingredients and then investigate and study.
Written by
Carla Sanzone
V.P. of Education
Tip Top TOastmasters