Fix Our Social and Political System - by Rick Newton

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Fix Our Social and Political System 

July 25, 2010 Speech

I have a car I want to give you it’s a Porsche 911 Turbo S. worth around 160K.  It has one speed, 100 mph and no brakes. DO YOU WANT IT?

Oh, one more thing, you must drive it at night. 

Folks, that’s our social and political system today. We all are in this Porsche 911 Turbo S which is the USA and we are going 100 mph with no brakes and driving at night. What’s saving us now is we are hitting haystacks; Haystacks are acting as our brakes.

We need to put some real brakes on this car!

We know what is in our news, we have red states and blue states, jobs migrating out the country, we have this Afgan War, which is the longest war in Americas history, and debt that is out of sight. 

Something has to be done.

I propose the following brakes to fix our social and political system:

Every law abiding, tax paying adult with a good driving record will get a new PORSCH 911 Turbo S yes, it will have brakes a go at the speed limit.  Why not, Wall Street gets a Porsche with our bail out tax dollars. It is only fair that we get a Porsche as well. And I am not going to be greedy, how about a Porsche every 2 years, Wall Street gets one every year.

And if you are

Non-citizens will get a new Boxster S Porsche, Worth 58K. Again, it’s only fair, and, our Citizenship has to count for something. Once they get their US citizenship they will have the opportunity move up to 911 Turbo S

    And all of these Porsche must be made in the USA. I can see it now, near zero unemployment. 

    Next: Every member of congress must pair up with an opposite congress person. Democrat-Republican and the two congress persons will drive cross country in a Porsche from New York to Los Angeles. Their job fixes any present or ongoing social or political mess. And upon their arrival in LA, they must have a workable solution for any present or ongoing mess.  And if our congress persons are not able or not willing to make things right, they must enlist in the military and have a tour in the Afgan War.  I don’t know why when the military goes off to war it is called a tour. I am from a military family and I recall my father saying, I did a tour in Vietnam. I need to ask him why it called a tour. And when they get back they will get a used Porsche that the non-citizens turned in.

Next, since we have ongoing vacancies in congress. To be fair, we will have a jury select system where each citizen will have the same opportunity to serve in congress and fix any present or ongoing mess.  That is, if you lean republican that person will pair up with a person that lean democrat. And that pair will drive from NY to LA in a Turbo Porsche.  If problem not solved, off you go to Afgan War. And when you come back you lose your Turbo S and get a used Boxster Porsche.

The essence of this is this: Most of us will move when there is a carrot presented before us but we move faster if there is a carrot and stick in play. I my proposal for every citizen and non-citizen get a carrot and stick. For the non-citizen, opportunity to move up to a brand new 911 Turbo S. and the carrot for citizens, fix any present or ongoing mess. Or off to war you go and when you get back there will be a used Boxter Porsche waiting for you.
All it takes is a little imagination and cooperation to get things done properly.
That’s plan A.  And before I go to Plan B.

Here is Plan B.

Plan B is from writer named Tim Siedell. And he has a great idea on how to fix things. And his plan is simple.  Here is a Simple Plan to Fix American Political System with Common Sense and a little dinosaur DNA.

Tim Siedell plan is this:

    Imagine if our founding fathers were alive today. First, they would be jazzed up being alive. Next, Mr. Siedell predicts that the founding fathers would be blown away about Dippin Dots. In fact, their whole afternoon conversation would be on Dippin Dots. And lastly, they would be surprised that our political system is basically the same, 400 years later and the system still standing. But Mr. Siedell bets that our fathers would be more concerned about American Idol and Super Bowl.

The point that Mr. Siedell wants to make is this, we need to stop trying to figure out what we think our founding fathers want us to do and do what our founding fathers did. And that is to keep our freedom that is in the constitution and improve on the boring parts. Use common since for today’s problems.  Use today’s technologies and scientific breakthroughs for today’s problems. And to use vision, the same way vision was used to invent Dippin Dots.
He propose a new political party named, AMERICANVISIONARYCAN, Americanvisionarycan is part democrat, part republican, part Walt Disney, and part Steve Jobs holding an iphone.
Mr. Siedell has 4 proposed parts:

    First, have perpetual line of cloned George Washingtons. Since both democrats and republicans loves George Washington. If we put our mind to it, we have the technology to clone him. Send him to the finest schools and expose him to only the good Eddie Murphy movies. Each clone Washington will serve two terms and afterwards go sits on a major corp. board. I would also add upon completion of two year term they would get a Porsche 911 Turbo.
Second, Abolish the VP and turn it into fully symbolic, awe inspiring office. Since we now have an endless supply of George Washington. There is no need for VP to ascend to President in case of an emergency. We can try something new.

Like T-Rex. It is possible? Let us look at it with possibilities. Worldwide respect, healthy fear, if T-Rex is headed to your country, its best everyone is in full respect mode. Otherwise we all know what dinosaurs do. Eat you first and never ask questions.

Third, I really like this one. This is imagination at its purest.  Every American gets a new i-phone and service plan with any carrier. And this is the good part; we get to vote on major legislation in congress. We can vote for war or whatever. And Siedell wants every non-citizen to get a free i-phone as well, but they will have to use AT&T so that some of their votes will not make it through.

Mr. Siedell Forth proposal, Congress gets better pay at a price. Pay each member of Congress 1 million dollars per year. There. This will give people that were not born a Bush or Kennedy the opportunity to serve, and maybe some new ideas with them. This is ingenious and important part from Mr. Siedell, EACH MEMBER OF CONGRESS MUST WEAR A WEB CAM 24/7 FOREVER. WOW. EVERY MOVE IS RECORDED FOR THE VOTING PUBLIC. YOU BET THAT CONGRESS PERSON WILL WALK A STRAIGHT LINE. THIS WEB CAM WILL ELIMINATE CORRUPTION OVERNIGHT. 24/7 web cam will be mindboggling.

What Mr. Siedell is saying is this, we need to use technology to improve our lives, just because our founding fathers barely know how to work their AM radios, do not mean that we should limit our thinking today. Technology can bring this country together, eliminate corruption and let the American voices be heard on a new higher level.

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