Little Black Book - by Rick Newton

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Little Black Book

It is amazing how the words that I have heard many years ago have become a permanent part of my memory. Once you hear the words SPOKEN, there’s a small voice that whispers to me.

Always Always remember what you just heard

That is exactly my case; it was at least fifteen years ago, when Judith, a school administrator said to Diane, and me. “It’s all about connections”.

And I do not know why, those four words, “It’s all about connections”, got planted in my memory bank forever.

When I think about it, it has always been about connections. That is how people operate.  People do not want to be connected to strangers.

People prefer to connect with family, friends, and people they know and trust. The UNIVERSAL LAW IS THIS, SUCCESS IS BUILT ON TRUST AND ALWAYS TRUST COMES BEFORE SUCCESS.

When I was researching for a different subject to speak on, I ran across this author named Jeffrey Gitomer and his numerous books. This particular book, “Little Black Book of Connections” caught my attention, because I heard similar words before. And since this book was in the Business section, its subject is about financial success.

But first, let me tell you what so amazing about this book with less than 200 pages.

There is enough material to give, at least, 50 different speeches from this one book.

All from one book.  [First book mark]

But I will summarize only chapter 5

In chapter 5, Mr. Gitomer asks one simple question. And that question is this.

Who Knows You?             Who Knows Me?

Does Opra Winfrey know Rick Newton? No

Does Tom Hanks know Rick Newton? No

Opra Winfrey doesn’t make sales calls. NO WAY. People call her.

How about Tom Hanks, does he make sales calls? Of course not. People call him.

It’s a fact (pause) the better known you become; the more people will want to connect with you. If we are unknowns, we have to reach out to make connections.

And the reason why I am an unknown person to Opra Winfrey, Tom Hanks or Bill Gates is because I am not a person of value to them. What value do I have to offer to them? Zilch, Nada, None.

If, (pause) I was well known and by being a guest on Opra, which will increase her ratings, NOW I will become a person of value to Opra Winfrey.

And Vice-Versa, Opra becomes a person of value to me.


If I wrote a screenplay that is tailor made for Tom Hanks, and this screenplay has the potential for him winning numerous awards, NOW I will become a person of value to Tom Hanks.

And Vice-Versa, Tom becomes a person of value to me.

Folks, it’s a two way street.

Mr. Gitomer gives us 3 examples on how to become a person of value.

1st Writing. Writing helps us to crystallize our ideas and Mr. Gitomer suggests personal writing on your CPU, blogging, and newsletter or e-newsletters.

And let me ask you this,  have you been to the bookstores lately, mega bookstores, writers are everywhere writing about everything and many times about nothing. And people are buying these books.

When gold was discovered in California, it started the gold rush of Northern California. There was a saying back then, “THERE IS GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS”


2nd Mr. Gitomer suggests, and you will really appreciate this suggestion. Mr. Gitomer suggests, public speaking. When we speak before a group, we are a presumed leader. You may not know the group, but when you’re done, the whole group will know you.

In summary, we all have heard how we are separated by 6 degrees. You know a person, that person knows a person and so forth….

I know that each one of us is connected to Opra Winfrey, Tom Hanks, and Bill Gates by only 3-5 degrees.  And when I think about this, this is powerful.

And all we have to do to be in the circle of knowns is to be a person of value by writing and speaking.

I say go for it.

Rick Newton


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